Our Story

Hello, our dear visitors and customers! Welcome to our online gift shop! I am Ramona and I am here online to tell you a story about our shop and also about how our products came to life.

A few years ago, I was thinking what kind of business to start so that my mother, who at that time worked in a print agency, stopped staying the whole day in a toxic environment, that caused her to develop allergies. She is a person with attention to details, so we decided together she should learn floral design and then…we started the first floral store in our city, where we not only created flower bouquets, but also combined them with gifts such as hamper baskets, pictures, decorations.

This first flower & gift shop was a little small, but grew bigger and more modern and turned into the largest floral store in the city, accompanied also by three online shops: www.deluxeflowers.ro, www.florariecustil.ro and www.raftulcucadouri.ro. This last one we use to receiver orders and deliver daily tens of gift packages to the whole Romania and also to Romanian moved abroad.

When we started selling preserved roses in Romania, in 2016, there were only a few online shops that sold such a beautiful product. Now, there is almost not a day without lots of packages to go out of our workshop. We created new products, with customized messages, and also transformed normal looking gifts like a picture in unique gifts thanks to the wonderful preserved moss.

What about MissRoby.com then? Well, Roby is my daughter and this is a gift I prepared for her. You see, being raised in a business oriented environment, at only 7 years old, she started asking what kind of business should she do, so she can raise her own pocket money. So, here you have it….her own website, wearing her name, from which people all over the world can order unique handcrafted gifts that last for a lifetime!